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VESA is a handcrafted game with unlimited possibilities and based on caring values. Suitable for children over 18 months of age, it is designed in a harmless and responsible way.

These wooden blocks are developed and produced entirely in Switzerland in an enthusiastic, empathic and timeless approach. VESA inspires people to experience moments of sharing and to foster sustainable values. In particular, it gives children the opportunity to develop their skills while keeping a playful dimension.

Swiss wildlife

12 cubes with various faces around Swiss animals

Seasonal market

12 cubes with various sides around Swiss fruit and vegetables

An intemporel companion


VESA offers these explorers a wooden game of 12 cubes that allows them to discover, have fun, learn and play through a theme representing a specific environment – the market of the seasons.

VESA cubes are made of beech wood, entirely designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Our mission is to offer a game to children in order to accompany them and evolve with them during the different stages of their development. There are many ways to play with VESA cubes from 18 months old. To be played freely or accompanied for a moment of sharing and, what’s more, educational!

For an environmental & social cause

VESA wooden blocks are produced at the Bellechasse prison in the canton of Fribourg.
A medium-sized prison entity, it allows prisoners to have a productive occupation in agriculture, construction trades and stewardship. These workshops regularly lead to recognized, sometimes certified training that greatly facilitates their professional and private reintegration. The objective of the VESA team is simple: to enhance the work done by prisoners in order to support them in their professional reintegration.

Because they support our values

We are happy to be able to work with partners who support our project and share our values.

We are committed to working with local partners. We thank them for trusting us. You can start visiting them today. The VESA cubes are already waiting for you!

Co-create for a shared vision

This startup was created within the Master in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship orientation of the HES-SO. Within the framework of a module, five students came together to develop this project together.

We are three co-founders carrying on this adventure in order to direct our actions towards a common goal – to offer an educational and sustainable game.

Moyna Papaux

Moyna Papaux

Sales Manager

Sélim Abdelzaher

Sélim Abdelzaher

Finance Manager

Maïla Wyssmüller

Maïla Wyssmüller

Development Manager

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