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A thousand and one ways to play with a peaceful mind

Swiss wildlife

12 cubes with various faces around Swiss animals

Seasonal market

12 cubes with various sides around Swiss fruit and vegetables

Set of cubes + personal tree

12 wooden cubes and a tree planted in the child’s name


Responsible & caring approach

Enabling and encouraging education for sustainability is our ambition! We bring together social, local, and ecological resources to develop durable and educational products.

We know we can not save the world on our own so we enable people to become more ecologically conscious. For this, we deliberately choose to foster Swiss allies who help us to come up with meaningful solutions.

We aim for circular economy

Number of trees planted through VESA

Circu-what? Circular economy is about planning for a product’s entire lifecycle as a part of its design. The current system is no longer working for people, the planet and businesses. It is time to take some responsibility. We want a circular and collaborative economy.

At VESA we explore how we can re-design the way our economy works. We develop products that can be ‘made to be made again’ and power the system with renewable and long-lasting concepts. Thus, we are committed to using Swiss resources and contributing to biodiversity in Switzerland.

By buying our products you can support us disrupt the system together with one of our Swiss allies, Almighty Tree. This start-up plants trees in Swiss forests to diversify them with species adapted to climate change and to support Swiss agriculture.

Local & meaningful production

We stand up for social responsibility. Therefore, all wooden VESA games are produced at the Bellechasse prison in the canton of Fribourg. 
The correctional facility enables the engagement of inmates in productive activities in the fields of agriculture, building trades, and stewardship. These workshops regularly lead to recognised and sometimes certified education. Through this partnership, we aim to promote the work carried out by the inmates in order to support them in their professional and private reintegration.

Contributive & purposeful partners

We are committed to collaborating with local partners and resellers who share our values! You can find them on the map below.

Our products are produced here by our Swiss allies.

These are the places to go if you like to purchase one of our products. You can also order directly on our website.

VESA supporters
Feel free to try out our products at one of our lovely VESA supporter’s.

Trees Planted
Oh look! Our four first VESA trees planted by Almighty Tree!

Human-centred & impactful vision

We are the Swiss start-up “VESA”, a non-gender name meaning “young sprout” in Finnish. We formed the start-up in 2019 during our Master’s degree with a clear objective: to offer educational and sustainable products to kids.

Having children in our entourage, we realised how difficult it is to find an intelligent gift for them. As we felt overwhelmed by the amount of plastic and digital toys available on the market, we decided to come up with a solution, and so was VESA born. Meanwhile, the team evolved but our vision is still the same.

Sebil Gülkanat

Sales & development


 “I believe that curiosity is the very basis of education. Putting people in the centre of our doing and trying to understand them is how real impact can be achieved. Because ‚nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.‘ – Marie Curie.“

Maïla Wyssmüller

Co-founder & development


“The starting point was to develop an ethical and intelligent game for the children. As for adults, they know exactly what they are buying, why and through whom, which is not the case for the majority of toy producers”.

Moyna Papaux

Co-founder & sales


“It’s up to our generation to challenge our society by creating sustainable businesses that benefit our planet and future generations.”

Sélim Abdelzaher

Co-founder & finance


“What I liked about this project was to come back to a way of playing that enables us to develop something other than tactile skills on a screen. Manipulating a natural object makes it possible for us to reconnect with reality”.

In a nutshell:

  • We are punks – we do things differently and against the flow.
  • We emphasise solidarity – we go for an inclusive way of walking this earth.
  • We value purpose-oriented communities – we deliberately choose to foster Swiss allies.
  • We are enthusiasts – we come up with meaningful solutions instead of waiting for them to fall down from the sky.
  • We actually care – we know we can not save the world on our own so we enable people to become more ecological conscious.
  • We are genuine – transparency and authenticity are our credo.

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